Progression Report 2



Today, I just created my poster design for my assignment. For more information about my poster design, please refer to my group proposal.

First I created a A4 resolution sized picture and colored it with a black background. Then I went to the internet and search for some earth’s images.


Then I carefully remove all the surrounding disturbance of the image and perfectly cropped it out, then I inserted into my pitch black poster.


After that, I went to internet again and found a beautiful nature landscape design. I inserted the picture into the poster as a newly created layer and move it to the below part of the image. I added a layer mask on the image layer and use the gradient too to make the image look like it faded into the poster design. Then, i created two brightness editing mask. I used the gradient tool again to separate the brightness value of the above and below part of the image. I darken the value of the above part and brighten it the below part.



I found a dark skeleton in the internet and inserted it on the above part to make the scene look more dangerous and hopeless. This image also has it own layer, then I added a layer mask on it and use the gradient tool again to make it fade in to the poster. I darken the value again for the image of skeleton.



I created a text box and inputted : “YOU ARE NOTHING” , this small sentence is the entrance and focus point of the overall poster design. It gain the audience attention and encourage them to continue reading the following messages. ┬áThe subtitle of the image will be : ” NO MATTER HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE ” and “IF THE EARTH IS DEAD “. I decreased the opacity of the letters to make sure the skeleton on the backside didn’t get blocked.



Lastly, I added a reminder on the below part of the image. The audience will feel very sorry and regretful after seeing the words from above, so that I remind them that there is still time to protect the earth being destroy by doing the 3R’s ( Reduce , Reuse and Recycle ).




Finished image:




The poster will be placed at this location:






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