Progress Report 2 – Yu Tian


First of all, I have created a banner using Photoshop and the first thing I do is adding our logo design into the banner. I plan to use the F layout in our banner design because it is easier and also because that is how people usually see things. From the top upper left corner as well as left sides then to the right.


Then, I have downloaded an image of a leaf from a source. The image of the leaf as seen above has been edited. It has been changed from white background to a transparent background. Also, the image has been rotated and cropped to the way I wanted it to be, as proposed in the proposal earlier.


After that, I have gotten the design of our tagline from my group mate. I have taken the white background down by using the quick selection tool and removed it and then inserted a transparent layer and used it for my banner.


Next, I have inserted the “Support 3R” text on the piece of leaf, adjusting the font family, font size, text color as well as arcing the text so that it follows the shape of the midrib of the leaf. Then, I have used the brush tool to create the grassy field effect on the bottom of the banner with two different types of green. Moreover, I have also used another type of brush tool to create the bluish, sky-like effect on the top part of the banner. I have used the same blue but different values of opacity to create that effect. Meanwhile, at the middle part of the whole banner, I have also brushed it over with slight blue which is only with 10% of the opacity to make it look nicer and blend in better. Besides, I have also put few footprints that were made out of leaves to match with our tagline, showing that a person is taking the green path. The footprints have been changed their backgrounds to transparent and rotated to produce this result.

Banner (for blog)

As an end result, this is the banner produced. After the previous designs, I have added the information about 3R’s in the banner as proposed. It has got the title, and the logos for the 3R’s as well as the information such as the tips & ideas that are supposed to be conveyed to the audiences.

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