Personal Reflection (Leong Lay Yee)

I felt this project is fun and interesting. It creates awareness to public about 3R which help to protect the earth with environmental design. It was fun yet challenging too in the process of designing formats, identity brand and animation. Among all of the group members, we had a good interaction for this project as we know our tasks well and cooperate to each other nicely. We had divided all the tasks in this project among us and we could help each other to finish up the tasks. For some parts which need the contribution from all of us, we could come out and do together. Basically, there are no serious problems faced by the group, only some small problems regarding the report and proposal writing as well as animation process. We helped each other in animation process and we would ask for help from lecturer too if we had problems in proposal and report writing. I would rate my performance still good in this project and in this group, because I could have more improvements on it, but I had tried my best to work in the group for this project. I would say that I prefer this kind of learning environment than that in the classroom because I had learned more knowledge and skills indeed from the problems we had faced in this project. We would learn something new every time we solved the problems together. The group learning environment when doing the project could give us more chances to expose to the problems and be resourceful to solve them or approach the lecturer for some help. On the contrary, the classroom learning environment normally would be in one way learning process, which the students received what the lecturer taught and also some exercises given only. We really can expose to more cases and problems in design and animation when we were doing our project. For me, the type of learning depends on structure of the courses. Some courses are suitable for the group learning but some others still need the help from classroom learning environment. However, I would prefer this type of learning for all my other courses because it actually let us learn a lot aside from classroom learning. Collaboration with others was really important in group work. Since it was a group work, our work was tied together and communication between the group members was very important to maintain a good performance and progress of the work.

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