To design the representative object witch is a tree following theswe steps:
Firstly, started by drawing the tree branch using the rectangle tool and ancor point tool to adjust the ancor points of the rectangle .


secondly to create the tree leafs using the ellipse tool and adjusted the ancor points using the ancor point tool with using the direct selection tool, after that copied the leaf 5 times to create a bunch them then colored each diffirently and resized


then to repeat this shape around the tree make the leafs into a brush and choose scatter brush options



after that using the ellipse tool to creat a circle with out fill color but with strock color to use the brush made previuosly by clicking it while selecting the circle


used the same way to fill up the bushes place then using ellipse tool i create a circle and choose a pattern to fill it up und put it at the back of the tree bush to add an interest to the design




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