Progress Logo

This progress is design our group logo, I would use Adobe Photoshop CS5 create a logo design, which logo is representative of our group, the main focus for our group to the concept of energy saving, then I need to design the logo are related to our group’s title.

First, I open Adobe Photoshop CS5 and start to design our group logo. I create 3R text (represent recycle, reuse and reduce) in middle and design 3R text in different text font family (3 is using IrisUPC, R is using LilyUPC) and colour, this can easy to see each word have different meaning.

3R logo

Second is to find 3R text background, in this background, must be related to the group energy-saving concept. Finally I find in internet and get light bulb picture, I using this picture in our group logo, because this picture have light bulb and leaf suitable our group save energy concept. I use “Quick selection tool” to delete this light bulb picture background. After delete picture background, then I use 3R text and light bulb picture combine together.



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