Progress Report 2

This time is doing about street painting for 3R, that the recycling bins is the most import in the 3R. That is why i put the recycling bin in to the street painting. Then, i dont put the mascot into this street painting. The word is more powerful in street painting. So, i put the word for using paper cut. Each one letter is different to other.


First, i put the recycling bin and the 3R picture into this street painting.



Then, choose the letter R and the E, this 2 is the all 3R need.



Next, create a group1, put the word “use” into the group1.



This is same with the “use”,create a group and put the “duce” into group2.



This also the same, put “cycle” into group3, the 3e look like a shape of the word.



This is the last, set the backgroup into a road mode. Then, it will become a street painting’s design.




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