Progress Report 2

The idea of having a designing a backdrop is to put in the lobby of the lecture theaters, specifically the RC-LT A and RC-LT B  in INTI International University.


To basically match the theme, I’ve implemented the stage curtain to be in green color. The backdrop is initiated with an INTI International University logo.

Capture2To the idea of the client where to show INTI International University is supporting 3R events, the INTI logo is surrounded by the recycling logo.


Footsteps showing the movement of the client where they are moving towards more green. Since The client is an university education group, I’ve chosen a gradient color of  black to green for the footsteps where it signifies after entering the university, the students are able to transform to a more greener generation. The earth design signifying students who came out from the university would be able to contribute even to the society or the world.

Capture5A simple shout out and clarification on the design is added to enable a more clearer view.

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