Progress report 1




The above picture is the prototype and sketch of our web banner design.

First of all, I started with the design by putting the title as well as our product tagline. Besides that, I also use the mascot that done by one of my team member and place it beside the tagline. I used the magic wand tool and quick selection tool in order to clear the unwanted background of the mascot image. After that, I drag and place it into the web banner design.

11079033_10205521213964258_1937201228_n 11149210_10205521214804279_1838490772_n

Next, I found some suitable image from the internet. The picture including the recycle symbol, an earth with smile expression, as well as few object that related to 3Rs concept. First, I apply the magic wand tool on each pictures in order to combine all of them become one image.







After drag each one of them into a blank page, a 3Rs concept image was done. After that, I convert all of the layer become smart object in order to drag it to the main design.




As you can see the image below, I had already combined and added all the resources taken from internet into the main design.



After that, I also added few texts and different shapes in order to make the entire design look more complete. One of the text is “Cherish resources, Caring for ME!”. For this text, I decided to combine it with a conversation shape and then place it on top of the earth object in order to make it look like the earth is actually giving advices to people. After that, I also added our logo design on top left of the page. Besides, I also added some text and a tick shape into the design.


Finally, in the last part of the web-banner design, I had apply some blending options to the background. I applied the texture and the colour overlay option and then adjusted the gradient of the colour in order to make the entire design look better. As you can see, the above picture is our current web-banner design. However, there will be some further enhancement later on.


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