Progression report 1

Progression report 1 – YAP CHIN KIAT


Design on wall painting.


I choose to do a design on wall painting to instill the awareness of student in the INTI campus. My plan is to paint this wall-painting design at  the back of the classroom so that when the student enter the class, they can see the design immediately. I used some fresh color in my design so that it can attract student to look at it.

1. Firtly, i started my design by drawing a layout. Arrange all the element that i wanted to use in the design so that it can give visual impact to the audience.



During my layout design process design, i have edited it few times arranging it over and over again until i’m satisfied with my design layout.


I found a nice recycle logo :



2. Started with my design using the Adobe Photoshop.



After i choose the image format and size for my design, i started to do my design. Actually i have separated my wall- painting design work into few days until i can manage to finish it. I set my  image to 1366*768 pixel at first, then add in some image to decorate the background. My background is in white color because after some observation action was taken, i found out that most of the wall of the classroom in INTI is in white color.


3. Second part, title design and add in some image



In this step, i put in some word as the title saying that “Let’s do the 3Rs to save the earth”. I have chosen the Comic Sans MS as my font style, Bold it and set its size to 19pt. As i mention earlier, most of my design will be in green color. After the tex design, i add in some meaningful image trying to let the audience think about reduce, reuse and recycle.


4. Last part, enhancement of design


In the last part of my wall-painting design, i completed it. I added in the reduce,reuse and recycle word under the meaningful image so that audience can understand what i tried to show them. Lastly, i draw some leaves and resize each of them and paste it randomly on my design to make my design looks more natural.



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