Progress Report 1 – Yu Tian


As a start in designing the logo, I have created a new file in Flash and create a ribbon like item and filled it with color by using linear gradient. The gradient has also been adjusted to make it look more decent.


Secondly, I have created a new file in Photoshop to create the “THINK GREEN” text because I was unable to curve the text by using Flash. In Photoshop, there is an arc option for me to curve the text in order for it to fit in the green ribbon that has been created earlier.


Then, I continued my work on Flash again and imported the image I created in Photoshop to the stage and it fit right in the green ribbon after a lot of modifications.


After that, I have imported an image of an empty light bulb which I got from an Internet source and modified it in Photoshop. I have gave it an transparent background before importing it to Flash.


Then, I have gotten an image of a tree and imported into Flash. I have inserted the image of the tree into the light bulb to make it looks like the tree is actually growing in the empty light bulb. Both the light bulb and the tree have been rotated a little to a certain degree to look like they are slanting a little in order to match with the title above. A glowing effect has also been added to the surrounding of the light bulb, both outer and inner.


The image above is the result and it is also the finalized version of the logo design. Even though it is not obvious, but the green ribbon above the light bulb does have a drop shadow effect the make it look nicer with little shadowing. Both the inner and outer glow effect on the light bulb have used different shades of green color as well as different values of alpha. The outer glow color has changed from yellow to green because later I realized that green is more suitable as it is green and earthy.

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