Progressive Report 3 : Gareth Lye


My last work was related to the toilet(unfortunately). I had to do one back of the toilet door design. Since it was a toilet I thought it would be appropriate to straighten out some water facts to the user since they would definitely be using some form of liquid in a toilet. I went and googled some facts about water and found, a non-profit organization that helps countries that are in need of clean drinkable water. They also run awareness campaigns, which are quite where they would spread random but true facts about water. I grabbed one fact that I thought would make an impactful message.
I wanted to make the background a single light blue background but I thought it would be more effective to use different tones of blue to show that it is leading up to something stronger (light -> dark). The fact was about how millions of people do not have clean water, and that we should not waste water.

It was difficult to get the exact right shades of blue that could suit and compliment each other. Also it was difficult choosing the right font that would blend with blue. That probably took more time that it had too, but I was kind of picky with it.

The last but was kind of tricky as I had to warp the text exactly to the flow of the water that was being flushed down(signifying water being drained out). It took me awhile but after some tweaking I finally got it to match the water where its not too difficult to read yet adds a cool effect.

I kind of liked the final design and think it would go great together with dull grey doors that are in the toilet. Powerful message relating to water that I hope would have an impact on people’s lives in INTI and lower the water usage in INTI itself.

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The next toilet relating design I had to do was a wall design that would be seen when a user were to use the basin and look into the mirror. This idea was unique because even though is staring at the poster that is mirrored behind them, they are still able to read it as the wordings are also mirrored as well. So they would be able to read the first section, turn around as they finish washing their hands to read the rest.

I grabbed another true fact about water from an started with the design. I wanted it to be as simple as the previous one so that user’s would actually bother to read them since in their minds it would be pretty quick because it has very little words.

I used a simple, cool, and plain water background, which I then added in the wordings and message into it. So when the user turns around and read the full message and has felt an impact, they would then want to read the smaller wording at the bottom telling them how to move on from now on. I felt a simple “Stop Wasting Water” would suffice in a message like that.

This was also pretty painless to design, probably because I’m getting really used to Photoshop.

Toilet Reverse Page

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