Progress Report 2- Group 13 Darren Choo

This design is a design for a tabletop at canteen’s table, to let people know the information of 3Rs when they are eating and when they have nothing to see. It is a brief information because they might not be interested about this, so that the purpose is to plant the concept in his/her mind and let them recall the concept when they are doing something about this.
table a


The first step is always setting the background,  because people will first looking at background to decide whether continue looking or not. To spread the concept,  i put a earth with a leave background because it is to tell people that this message is about saving the earth.

table b


Then will be the word design come out with the information of each R, and the word below ‘please do remember’ is to enhance into peoples’s mind that they will recall this message.tabletop-p

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