Progress Report 2

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These are the pictures that I took from the Internet to make sure the design will be more attractive.



This is the background picture for the banner. This picture I took from the Internet that based on the 3R environment.


After that, we can see from this picture I just edit the two characters by insert the logo (INTI International University) both on the cap and the shirt.


In addition, I insert 5 types of the pictures that based on the 3R. I just edit the pictures all by using the effect like stroke and also I’m played with different colour to make the pictures more clear and colourful.


Moreover, I insert different type of the text by using different colours , font size and font type. After that, I was edit the whole text by using some effects which is drop shadow, Inner shadow, Inner glow, Satin,Stroke, Bevel and Emboss and so on. It took more time to edit each texts.


Finally I’m done with a banner design of 3R.

2015-04-16 11.53.07


This is the place where going to put the banner.



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