Progress Report (Buntings)


This is the Draft for the Bunting Designs.


1.0 1.1

The picture of the Draft for the Bunting designs are then taken and resized.


1.6 1.7

After that, the resized Bunting draft is then cleaned of its content using the Eraser Tool so that only the outline can be seen.


1.4 1.5

Also, the group’s logo is taken and resized.


1.2 1.3

Next, a picture of a crying earth is taken and resized.


1.8 1.9

Once all the pictures needed have been resized accordingly and saved, a New Document is created. The resized pictures of the crying earth, group’s logo and the Bunting design outline is then placed as layers into the the new document created and arranged.


1.10 1.11

Once that had been done, the background of the bunting is then colored using ‘Paint Bucket Tool’, and texts are inserted into the Bunting design.



The texts’ layer styles are then edited to make the texts look more attractive and stand out more.


2ich 3R


GLOBEAs for the 2nd Bunting design, these 3 pictures are taken and resized accordingly so as to fit the banner nicely.


Text Without Colour

Similarly to the process in the first Bunting design, the Bunting outline is then loaded onto a new document as layers, along with the 3 new pictures taken as shown above and the group’s logo. All these pictures are then arranged and texts are added. Layer Styles are added onto the texts, similarly to that of the first Bunting design.


With Colour

Finally, the Bunting background is then colored.

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