Progression Report 1


This is the first design for the sticker that will be place at atm machine. The size of the sticker is for the height is 29.7 cm and the width is 20.1cm. I use white as the background colour so that the sticker can blend to any background colour of any atm machine. I use green colour leaf image to represent the environment and how important it is that us human need to take care off. Without a leaf, we cannot breathe oxygen and if there is no more leaf in the future, we will die.Care For Our Greenery to tell other people to unite and take the responsibility to take care of our environment. The colour that i use for the words is green to represent the nature Care For Our Greenery so that people able to see the words and understand the meaning.


This is the second design for the sticker that can be use to stick to car or other place. The size for this sticker is 25cm for the height and 25 cm for the width. Like the first design i use the same colour for the background which is white. For this design i use two leaves that act as umbrella and the words We Care For Our Future inside round rectangle shape under the leaf. Its tell that without it, we cannot survive and there will be no future for us. We are fully depend on healthy environment to live and the only way to do that is by support the 3R (Reduce,Reuse,Recycle) campaign to preserve our environment. I use red colour for the words Support 3R so that people able to capture and focus more on the words and able to understand the meaning just one glance.


This is the third design for the sticker. It’s have the same size and background colour with the previous design. For this design i use our group logo as the image and meaningful phrase underneath the image which is Our Future Depends On Our Hands. For this phrase its mean that we have the power to change anything and its up to us to do something about the environment so that we can live in this world for a very long time and for our next generation. I use red colour to stress out the words and how important it is and people will able to see it. Reuse, reduce and recycle inside a round rectangle and close together means that if you miss one words, its will not be complete and you need all this three magical words to make a better future.

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