Progress report 1

The pamphlet:

To design the pamphlet first step is by deciding and design the objects that is
going to be in the pamphlet so I draw an tree using Adobe Illustrator by firsty
using the ellipse tool to out line the tree’s bushes then select all then unit the
to give the tree more depth i copied the first bush and resize it then change the
color to lighter green then to add more shadow i used ellapse tool to create
vraity shapes and united then and set the color to dark green then using the
ellipse tool i draw three circles and copy then then using minus front the the
three circles in fronth will cut partial part from the 3 at the back make a three
curved shapes this added a light difinition to the tree bushes.


second, started drawing the branch using the pen tool after drawing the basic
shape obviously it needs more shapes and colors to make it look like tree
branch,by using the pen tool I draw the shapes and choose colors with diffirents
values until it sufficient.


after that saved the file and export it into PSD
format to start using the tree in Adobe Photoshop.

In Adobe Photoshop :
firstly the background will be a gradient of a very light green with slightly
darker green.
then draw with pen tool three diffirent shapes with green color as a background
for the tree
then added the tree in the front page and the inside page with lowering the
opacity of it since in th inside page there will be another elements added later

then in front page I added our logo design on the up right side and using the
rectangle tool to add white rectangle to give the design more definition.


In the inside page added the information in a leaf shaped shapes whitch i draw
using the pen tool.
I tried to use the same colors that i used in the tree in every part of the design
to make the tree part of it and create harmony between the shapes in the design.



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