Progress Report 2

This progress is about the artwork which is targeted to be on the cafeteria table which is of size 150cm by 90cm. The artwork is being designed to be of size 140cm by 80cm, with an aspect ratio of 7:4. Using Photoshop and Illustrator, the artwork will be of size 2800 x 1600 pixels, retaining the aspect ratio of the planned physical print. The initial idea is to show two types of  world and environment, a polluted and degraded one and a green and clean one. The artwork would display of a message for the viewers, indirectly telling them that they can choose their own future.


First of all, the text message is inserted so as to get an overview of the spacing allocation of the graphic elements.


Two pictures of a polluted beach and a destroyed forest, are placed on the left side of the artwork.



Two pictures of a paradise-like beach and a green rain-forest, are placed on the right side of the artwork. The optical weight of the artwork is then balanced by appropriately placing the pictures.




The background was then changed to black colour. An earth’s picture was then placed in the background. An opacity setting of 40% was applied to the Earth picture to acquire the transparent effect.






This is the end result of all the steps described above.



The target location of my artwork is the cafeteria table shown above.

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