Progress Report 2 (Banner)

Progress Report

This is the banner that we created at first we wanted this to be a website banner but also this can be print out and make it stick at any wall because we think that this design is good. But still this is just our opinion.

First i wanted to choose the layout for the banner. We just find any earth and leaf themed background like this:


And then we add our group symbol which is we green :


And then i use the Type text to insert the word by: above we green with green color.


Then we put the sentence  Our Child Deserve Better Home with type text again.

And of course we didn’t forget to put the effect to the word to make it more nice. The effect we are using is outer glow and drop shadow.


This is the picture before the “Our Child Deserve Better Home” text got the effect.

banner before

And the last is we put the word¬† “Love Earth = Love Child” with the same effect as the word above.


So this is the final form of our banner that we decided to be the banner that we can post it anywhere around INTI Buildings but we are still finding the perfect place for this banner.

So in this process of making the banner I learn how to insert picture and put some text with some effect to make it look nice and also to make it look more modern and not plain such as inner glow effect and outer glow effect also with the drop shadow effect.

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