Progressive Report 1

My own share and part of this project is to design a well presentable T-shirt showing a man taking on the globe with a saying “keep clean and save the earth”

design 1         design 2


I downloaded the picture of the t-shirt from the internet and changed the background of the picture Then now I just added the text

design 3

I download and resized a vector picture of the planet Earth. Originally the planet was blue and green but as per the group design, our color scheme was black and white. So I used the magic wand tool to select the oceans and paint them white. Next I used the same selection tool to select the continents, changed them white, and then added a stroke to outline them

Design 4

The next step was to add the figure. To start off I use the elliptical tool to make a circle, for the head. Next I used the pen tool to create outlines for each part of the body: arm, torso, and leg. After creating each part, I right-clicked and stroked the path. After half of the body was drawn, I duplicated it and flipped it to make my work easier and maintain symmetry.

design 5

I resized the man and the globe so that it fit between the text.


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