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Tips for Visual strategy


Society has degenerated in many ways over the years. Nowadays people are attracted to provocative and scandalous materials. But all of this cannot be achieved without some sort of Visual strategy. Visual strategy can be defined as the grabbing your attention to some given information. Nowadays people don’t usually go through an entire text or manuscript, they rather just look at the picture too see if it is interesting or not. Then based on what they just saw, people may or may not decide to read the accompanying text. What we lack in this day and age is proper visual strategy from which people can truly take away some information rather than visual pleasure.

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The size, color and the shape matters a lot when it comes to project something.  The thing that attracts viewers the most is the color, the more vibrant and attractive the color is the more attention it seeks from the viewers.

We should also focus on the size and shape of the picture; the more prominent and clear the wording is its more easy to see from a distance and also catches the audience’s attention.


The above picture clearly explains the different between shape, size and color.


Reaching out to the audience :

We always remember that thing the most that leaves an emotional impression on us. As you see on the child aid advertisements, how they show people living in the hunger stricken neighborhoods. Then they focus on the thin and famished children,  exposed and vulnerable. This causes the audience to feel something for those children; in turn the audience is more likely to donate to the cause. The more serious the message, the more money people are likely to donate.

But the best way one can reach out and connect to the audience is giving them something that is relatable to them – something they can empathize with. Instead of showing them pictures or hungry children, we can give them a story of how a normal donator, went on to change the lives of the individuals.

The best aspiration that can reach out to people is not a thought of acquiring a brand new cherry red Ferrari. Nor is it the thought of attracting all the ladies with such a car. It’s the belief that the audience can cause inspiration.


Staying Up to Date

There’s no point of trying to attract your customers if what you’re advertising isn’t of the same time period. Not only do sell your idea or product, but your advertisements could potentially relay important information. It can keep people updated on modern concerns and phenomena’s. For example, trying to sell preservative-free produce, as the recent research of preservatives has shown that they can be a major health hazard.



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