Progressive Report 1 – Gareth

After dividing the work load evenly, I ended up with 5 design tasks.
First thing I started with is the Foot Print design that will direct / lead the people walking by into Recycling Bins.

I started off by making a plain green design with the Midori logo on it. If people were carrying around some loose garbage or disposable trash, they would follow this footsteps towards the recycling bin and dispose of it there.


Green Foor Print

I made it plain green so it is easy to recognise, then as you finally reach your goal at the recycling bin the footsteps there are made of grassy texture to sort of represent progress in change. Like, this one trip has started change already. This would encourage people to do more recycling. This would be placed by the hallway in front of the bakery because there isn’t any rubbish bins in sight, so I think it would be a good place to start.

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