Progression Report


This is the pencil draft of our mascots. We chose the penguin as our mascot since no one is using the same animal.


I draw the penguin mascot by using Adobe Flash. First, I create the head and body by using oval tool then adjust the size of the shape. The oval shapes are black at first but I deleted the color and draw the shape inside the head and body to make the white color space by using pencil tool. I color the mascot and added shade to the legs by using paint brush.


Then, I color the background of the banner on the mascot and draw the words and logo by using paint brush. I also added shades by using paint brush.









At last, I added the eyes and mouth to the head of mascot and the mascot is done.



progress animation1

progress animation2

progress animation3

Not only that, I also think of creating an animation of our mascot to put at front of our animation videos. This to make people recognize our mascot of this project more. But this still in progress and these are some screenshots of the animation.

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