Progressive Report 1

This laptop skin is design for 15inchs laptop. I set the size as 39.5 x 28 cm. This is the height and the width of the 15-inch laptop.



I follow my draft and put the shape of Earth and the cloud is for me to key in my title in my design. I choose the star space as my background.




Then I create some by using 3D artwork. The reason that I put “&&” between 3R and the earth is because in logical, && is an AND gate, which means that are are huge connective between the earth and the 3R.



Thus, I found some arrow symbol in the Custom Shape tools. Then I use free transform function and allow me to bend the arrow which the shape I want to.



At last, I using the brush tool to paint the land of the earth. Then use the erase tool to erase the part which I had paint out of the circle. Then also using brush tool paint a smile face on the Earth to make it feel peace if we doing 3R.


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