Project proposal

Project Proposal for MMD 

Group Name : 3R Knights

Group Members : Louis, Tan Kong Huei, Yap Chin Kiat , Yau Yat Way

(Part 1)

Title :

A simple and easy understanding commercial poster design of environmental 3 R’s ( Reduce, Reuse and Recycle ) to instill and remind the public awareness in environmental pollution. We want to create a visual impact to encourage people to do more recycling in their daily basis.



  1. Improve the public awareness of environment protection
  2. To let the public clearly understand what is the global impact of 3R
  3. Understand the bad effect of environmental pollution
  4. Understand the importance of recycling and environment protection
  5. Promote the way of protecting the environment to the public



  1. Meet all the needs and requirement of the client
  2. Clearly promoting the knowledge and the use of 3R to the public
  3. Giving new advice or design options to the client


Abstract and design structure :

Normally, creative slogan with special visual design will grab the attention of people to figure out what is the hidden meaning of the design. Because of that, we will use a simple but creative slogan or words with the combination of some .visual features to bring out the impact of the environmental issues. The word that we use would be very harsh to the public because we wanted them to know that the earth is in danger and they are needed to do more recycling actions.

A word that hurts everyone and it is even in a big size would get many people attention on it. People will start to think about what is the meaning of word. why is it telling her or himself and what is it trying to say to them. This is where the magic happens, people will start feeling regret for didn’t do any recycling task and they will start to think what it will happen if they continuing like this. After that. they will start to make their self involve in recycling activities.

On the other hand, all of our members should share their design idea in the group. We can discuss all the ideas together and give advice to each other to achieve the best quality on our design. Each member should help others on checking their design and make sure there isn’t any mistake in it. If it has problem, all the members should work together to correct it. A good team working spirit is the best way to succeed in the project, even a design.

At last, we need to make sure that we are able to deliver the information to the audience without any confusion or mistakes. We need to clearly understand that who our audiences are and the way of delivering our message to them. If the people can’t understand the meaning of your design, then your design is just a meaningless dump. So, make sure that you are delivering the message to the public in a good manner.


Tools :

After researching about the design tools through the internet, we came up a the four most suitable tools for all our design concept.

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Flash Pro CS6
  3. Microsoft Word

All of this four design software contains most of the tools that are needed in our design. We will give our best to create our design with these software.


Issues : 

The issues that contain between us designers and the client ( The public ) will be the limitation of time, man power and the resources. We have only one month time and we need to work very fast to complete it. The problem is that we have only 4 members in our team. so this will be a very big challenge for us.

Strategies :

  1. Discuss the strategy to gain attention from the public with the client.
  2. Using the right way to control the balance of the color value in the design
  3. Make sure that all of the design stick to the title and theme
  4. Clearly describe the meaning of the design without confusing the viewers
  5. Organizing the group project using the 3 important constraints of Project Management:
  • Scope: Design need to be delivered to the client in the best quality.
  • Time: Organizing the daily schedule of project tasks to the members.
  • Cost: Controlling the cost budget of designing. Set a limit for the cost on the designing tools, make sure that all of the design do not exceed the budget.


Product and Outcome :

1. A 2D visual design commercial wall printing poster, phone case, laptop back sticker, wall-painting, aluminum can drink, plastic bag design and also the toilet paper box.

2. Promote recycling actions ( 3R’s ) to the public.

3. Reduce the wastes on planet earth.

4. Experience in designing.


Our design Example :





The design of the logo :



Description of the logo:

I designed the logo by using a shape of shield as the overall design and I drawn a sword at the center of the logo. Two of this design object symbolize our group as the warrior. After that, I put a recycle sign at the back of the sword to tell people that we are protecting the environment by recycling. Then, I inserted the three words: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” to explain the meaning of 3 R’s and remind the viewers what they should do to save the earth.




This is only the draft of our group mascot named E-Guard.

Our tagline : 3R save lives


First Design ( Wall printing poster ):






Place to be show :


FORMAT – I am creating a design for a wall printing poster. The size of the poster will be about 60 cm x 120 cm long and it will be printed on a wall that around places filled with people. It will be a rectangle shape poster that gain attention by using large size words that hurtful to the viewers in a crowded area like the cafeteria in our campus.



  1. BLACK BACKGROUND – I use black as the color for half of the page because I want to bring out the darkness, the horror and the danger when the earth is starting to break into pieces. Besides that, I also want to state out that it is hopeless when the earth hits it’s limit and going to extinct. Darkness give helpless feeling to the viewers, that’s why I use black as the background.


  1. GREEN BACKGROUND – There is another color on the other half of the page, it is green. Green gave us the meaning of natural, safety, recycling, good environment and more. If you look the closely to my poster design, you can find out that the above half of the design is filled with darkness and danger , then the bottom half looks safe and comfortable. I use green as the color of the bottom half background to tell people that earth still can be saved if we do our 3 R’s ( Reduce, Reuse and Recycle ).


  1. VALUE – I will darken the value for the above half page especially the spoiled half of the earth cause I want to let people feel that it is empty and hopeless when your living space is gone. I will increase the brightness value of the other half to make it looks warm and bright. Its purpose is to define the meaning of safe and clear to the viewers.


  1. SIZE – I increased the size of the word: “You are NOTHING!”, because it’s emphasizing an action of shouting at the viewers and gaining attention from them. They will continue reading the words and the drawings below there. This is my strategy to gain attractions from the public.


  1. FONT – Every words I inputted into the poster is trying to explain that we are nothing if our living area planet earth has been destroyed. My goal of designing this poster is to give the viewers a strong feeling that make them feel regretful of not doing anything for the earth, so that they will start correct their mistakes and do their daily 3 R’s.


ACHIEVING THE BALANCE OF OPTICAL WEIGHT – The size of the word: “You are nothing” will be the largest in the poster design to gain people attention. After that, the subtitle and description will be smaller to attract viewers come nearer to read it. The size of the three words “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” will be enlarge again to balance the whole design. The value of the brightness will keep increasing from the above to the bottom of the poster, this also one of my balancing technique.


THE SIZE OF THE VISUAL ELEMENTS – The word: “You are nothing” will be the largest in the poster, taking up 40 percent spaces of the poster. The second largest font is the three words that located bottom of the poster to balance the design. All the subtitle will be smaller to attract people come near to read. The recycle symbol will be covering up half of the page then the earth that drawn at the center of it will be smaller in size.


THE USE OF THE VISUAL RHYTHM – The visual rhythm of this wall poster design will start from the largest word that attracts people to the subtitle below it. After that, the viewers will be checking on the drawing of the half spoiled half perfect earth. At last, they will be reading on our slogan and a short reminder to get them doing recycle tasks at the end of the poster.

2.) Laptop Skin

IMG_2082 Layout:IMG_2083




Line: In this part, the title of mine, the 3R I combine them to a circle shape, I make the tail of the R a little bit curve to feel like not just 3R a boring words.

Color: I choose the sky blue for background. Sky blue it make the viewer a peaceful feeling. Leaf green color I use on the logo and the word of reduce, reuse and recycle. As we knew that, green color is nature color. Green color normally present as tree color.

Value: I will put some sunshine spread to the earth, this make like the earth feeling warm and smile. I will add some contrast and brightness on the symbol of the 3R to make the balance between the background color.

Texture: I put 2 & in between the earth and the meaning of 3R. The meaning of && is logical AND. It must be both also contain then only can proceed to the next step. Which means that there are an important connective between our earth and 3R.

Format: The format that I use for this design is Laptop skin. This design about 15-inch laptop size. Laptop skin it is not only prevent scratch on the surface and beautify the surface of laptop, if we put the 3R on the skin, it also can make advertise.


How to achieve balance in optical weight: To achieve the balance, I will make the word with 3D type by use some Photoshop software. 3D effect make the word more attractive and won’t just feel like 2D it is boring. As simple as possible, we cannot put too many element in our design, it will make people confuse and didn’t understand the point of this design.

The size of visual element: I put the earth as my biggest design element, because earth is most important to us. The second is the title. We have to save our earth with some move of our daily life.

Visual rhythm: I put the title on the top of the design.  The reader will read the title of the design, to understand what the design meaning is.




3.) Phone Cases

Front case:IMG_2079   

Back case:IMG_2080

Layout: IMG_2084


Line: Our slogan is “3R saves lives”. In my front case design, I make the 3R together, if look carefully, will notice that is the combination of 3D words of 3 and R. For my back cases, I combine the 3 and R. I make the R like a monster and try to eat the apple. It make the cases not only for advertise the 3R, it also beautify the phone.

Color: The background of the case are blue color, and the symbol of the recycle is leaf green. The pot color is wood brown. Usually a tree contain brown and green color. So that I use these color in my design.

Value: The reason I chose the wooden brown as my pot color it is because I want to make to the pot feel like trunk, to hole the recycle symbol. The meaning of 3R I design at the back cases, I want the viewer can easy know the process of the 3R. So that I put the word inside the symbol of those 3R.

Format: My design is for the phone case of iphone6. The size of the case is 5.7*2.8 inches. The phone size is 5.44*2.64 inches. The extra place is use for place to put the phone into the cases. The users of this phone case they are helping us to make a free advertise. It can let more people knew about 3R.


How to achieve balance in optical weight: I put the real wood on the pot colour. I chose the blue colour as my background it is because of to make sure the background are not attractive than the layer.
The size of visual element: The main point of the 3R is the symbol of recycle. That symbol didn’t means that only recycle, those reuse, reduce and recycle are connect to each other. They are a circle, it keep moving, there are no endless.

Visual rhythm: The rhythm of my design is top to bottom. For a phone case, there are not extra slot for change the rhythm .


4) Wall-painting design and aluminum can design

Part 2:


In this assignment, I am designing a huge image to set it as a wall painting image. The size of the painting have to depend on the size of the empty wall (it will probably exceed the size of 3meters for the width and 2meters for the height) and it will be in a horizontal position. The wall-painting that I designed is really simple so that it can be easy to understand and view from quite a distance.

The second format that I’m planning to design is to design around an aluminum can drinks. The size of the can drink that I’m going to design on is (not yet measure). This design is meant to be seen when the person who bought the drink hold the aluminum can on his/her hand. The design that I made is very simple, it contains only a title, an image, our team logo and a meaningful sentences that ask user to do recycle.





Suggested loctaion








  1. Color:

In my poster design, most of the image or words in the wall-painting is colored with green color. The green color in the image give the people who looking at it feel nature and fresh. Our main purpose of this assignment is to increase the awareness of 3Rs, so the green color can make them feel the importance of the nature, make them willing to take some action to save the nature. Where in my aluminum can design, I try to use as little color as possible. The real meaning for my aluminum can design is to make the user try to guess the hidden meaning in that design, not attracting them by the color but the image.

  1. Value:

My contrast between the background and the design is not so high because I use green color to design my wall painting. The location that I planned to apply my design is in white background, so that the cost to implement it will be lower, and the value of my words are different from the page, making the user can read it easily. In my aluminum can design, the contrast is slightly higher, I planned to  design the bike in black and the back ground is silver so that this can make it really simply and easy to understand.


  1. Texture:

I didn’t apply much texture effect in this design except for the leaves. The leaves looks like they are carelessly felt down from a tree. Besides that,  the big group of the recycle logo make the painting looks a little bit 3D.


  1. White Background:

I choose white color for this design because white color can easily suit with any other color. In the first place, I have tried to put my design into a “clear sky” background but it turned out to be very messy. After I consider again on it, I found out that most of the empty wall is painted in white color, for example like our multimedia computer lab, A1-CL13. In the end, white is chosen for my background color.


Part 3:

  1. Achieve balance in optical weight:

In my design, I realize that my group of recycle logos on the left of the painting is too huge, this will make my design create a not so correct attraction point to the audience that will cause them first be attracted to look at those logos instead of the words. To change this, I have changed the font and size for the “LET’s DO THE 3Rs TO SAVE THE EARTH” into something more attractive.


  1. Size of visual element:

In my second design, the hidden meaning from that image is that aluminum can be processed into the ingredient that make a bike. I draw a bicycle on the aluminum can design and I added in another small can with eye and mouth to compare the two of them. This can help to create more attention to the design.


  1. Visual rhythm:

The visual rhythm that I created in this wall painting image is the group of recycle logo on the left of the screen. The shape of the logos are actually the same, the different is just the color and the size. This classify them the group of progressive rhythm.

Design 5.


I am creating a design for printed on towel paper box. The size of the poster will be about 25 cm x 20 cm, It will be printed on towel paper box. It will be a rounded rectangle poster that get attention by keeps all surface of paper box.




I use warm color as background, that will make people feel comfortable to read. Let people accidentally just finished watching this picture.


I use green color to paint the Earth. The green meaning of natural, active. And I use the red color and gray to draw the saw. The red in here meaning of dangerous, offensive. The gray meaning as metal, cold. I also use the red color text, to get attention from people.


I made all word as capital. I increased the word “KILLING” to highlight the point killing, and it will get attention from people.

Achieving the balance of optical weight-

The red capital word “YOU’R KILLING THE TREES” will be the largest in poster to get people attention. Meaning you are killing the Earth when you waste paper.

The size of the visual elements-

The tree of the Earth is largest in the poster. The second largest is the text “YOU’R KILLING THE TREES”. It will let people to think of that “I should not waste paper.”.

Design 1


Design 6.


I am creating a design for the plastic bags. The size of the design will be 15 cm x 10 cm. It will be print on plastic bags.




I use half blue color background and green color to draw the city meaning as sunny, half fuzzy yellow meaning as haze. To make contrast of this picture. And I made the red color as words.


I use big size of the text and I made all words as capital. it will get attention from people. “WHICH ONE U WANT? SUNNY OR HAZE” will let people to think of should I use the plastic bag?

Achieving the balance of optical weight-

The red capital word “WHICH ONE U WANT? SUNNY OR HAZE” will be the largest in poster to get people attention. Meaning you are let your city going to haze.

The size of the visual elements-

The city is largest in the design. The second largest is the text “WHICH ONE U WANT? SUNNY OR HAZE”. It will let people to think of that “I should reduce to use plastic bags.”.


Design 2



1. Yau Yat Way ( Leaving Earth Dead )


2. Tan Kong Huei ( Water Pollution )


3. Louis




4. Yap Chin Kiat



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