Progress Report 2


The polluted area is background i choose for web advertisement because it’s showing direct message to everyone.



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First i choose two pictures of earth . One of that is earth are crying because of it’s polluted and another is recycling symbol for remind to everyone that we have to recycle for save our mother earth.



i choose two more picture to add in this advertisement.This picture gives more awareness to us that we have to take care our our earth and do not trow the rubbish everywhere.





I was add another picture to remind everyone that the rubbish must trow in  dustbin.It will increase the more  awareness to people.



This is final work to finish the web advertisement.I was add text message of “Don’t Trash our Mother Earth”. This will represent the earth is our responsibility to keep clean and healthy environment.



It is complete work for wed advertisement.It is simple and informative.I was did simple web advertisement because most of us try to avoid the web advertisement so the simple and information content is most important to present to people in quickest way.

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