Progress 3

Sticker – Part 2

On this step, i possibly use of 1-2 day to  edit and deign the light bulb(yellow in color) because to do it need to carefully select the part which is small and change its color, and also erase the part that at not nice and redesign it again.


This will be the most challenging part in the the whole designing, this light bulb i need slowly take it out, there is a part of green leaves at the right side, its probably need couple of hours to delete the unwanted color and the line of the leaves need to be adjust too, then I need to match up the color for the whole light bulb.

666 edit bulb

This is the final output(complete) which i did for days…… at the end i also include a small light bulb which on top of the right side. This really a satisfy output. cause this takes decade to finish up :)


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