Progress Report 1

Progress Report

This is the luggage tag that we created .At the first I create the layer in the photoshop with the texture and I create vector line which look like ant is the sewing hole that we are planning to make.


And then we add the word “I’m a GREEN Volunteer.” We also put effect in the sentence which is stroke and drop shadow to make the word more bold and a bit effect of shadow. Actually stroke is the border line will come out from each letter.

im green volunnteer after effect

I will add the picture before effect below.

im green volunteer before effect

As we can see the sentence is so thin that is has no effect.

mascot before effect

And we insert our beloved mascot which is treeny. This is just a plain treeny without effect.

mascot after effect

And then this is the after effect treeny. It looked different because we input the effect of Bevel and Emboss to make the mascot look like its 3d and want to come out from the paper. We also input the drop shadow and inner shadow to make treeny have the shadow to make it more realistic.


In the picture below we make the vector line in the black space above so that it can be the indicator for us on which part we must cut.

scold me if i littering before effect

And then we add the sentence “scold me if I litter”.

scold me if i littering after effect

And we put the same effect as the “I’m a GREEN Volunteer” sentences which is stroke and drop shadow.

your beautilfu place before effect

And for the last we add the sentence which is “Your beautiful place.”

your beautiful place after effect

Also don’t forget the effect to make it even with other sentence.


So in this making of the luggage tag I learn how to make the texture and the text good by using some effect like drop shadow and inner shadow for the mascot and stroke effect for the text I input there.

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