Progressive Report 2 (Tess Loh May Fern)

Pillar Banner

Screenshot (104)

A heart was created using the Custom Shape Tool in Photoshop.


Screenshot (105)

The Heart from photoshop was imported into Flash.  The heart shape was used to demonstrate love and care for planet earth.

Screenshot (106)

The Heart was drawn in Flash with the onion skin function. The puzzles have bold red lines  to signify its importance.


Screenshot (147)

The heart was coloured in and the text was inserted into the heart that was made like that it was made up of puzzles. Those 3 puzzles with the words Reduce, Reuse and Recycle were used to show that it has to be fitted together for the betterment of the earth. The word Recycle was drawn bigger since Reduce and Recycle on top have taken up the same amount of space so that it would be optically balance.

Screenshot (146)

The bark with the core was drawn in and the red core signifies that the core of the earth depends on the 3R’s.

Screenshot (388)

The leaves were added in into the pillar banner. The purpose of the leaves were to guide the eyes towards the heart with the three puzzles so it can be called a visual rhythm.

Screenshot (389)


The tagline take the Green Path was added into the Pillar Banner. Green paws were drawn in with the custom shape tool. The were inputted green paws in as it further emphasis on taking the green path.The F-layout was used in the design on the Pillar Banner as the audience are suppose to read the words Reduce, Reuse and Recycle from left to right.

Heart Finale

This is the finale output of the pillar banner.



Screenshot (386)

The base of the tshirt was drawn using the line tool and also the pencil.

Screenshot (387)

The front and the back of the shirt with its edges coloured green.

Screenshot (390)

A globe which had been altered in photoshop is imported into flash and placed on the front of the t-shirt. The color of the globe is green to represent a greener and more eco-friendly earth.

Screenshot (454)

The rabbit is drawn using the pencil tool.

Screenshot (455)

The front of the t-shirt is done with the rabbit carrying the globe. The sentence Our Earth, Our Responsibility was added. The bunny and the green globe were made equally large since both these objects are equally important  The rabbit carrying the globe (which means that the earth’s health is on our shoulders) conveys the message that it is our responsibility to care for the well being of planet earth.

Screenshot (457)


The logo was cleaned up with the magic wand tool.

Screenshot (456)

The logo from Photoshop was imported into the flash and then subsequently placed onto the back of the t-shirt.The back of the T-Shirt has the 3R symbol to show that it is our responsibility to follow the 3R concept for our earth. The 3R symbol will also be green to convey that is related to nature. The Logo was made quite big (almost fills up the whole back of the t-shirt) so that there would be not that much blank space for optical weight balance. Path Layout was used for both the front and the back of the t-shirt so it is more organic and less structured.


The final output.


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