Progress Report 2

Progress 2.1

In this progress I created the word for the theme for my banner which is Go Green. Go I used lighter green and the green word I used darker green to make it look different to the viewer when pass by looking at the banner.



Progress 2.2

After that I write different word to bring the meaning for the GREEN to bring out the meaning of 3R to the viewer. Each of the phrase I used different color to represent their color meaning of it. I also drew a wire from the lightbulb to the word electricity to show that electricity actually generate a lot of heat and cause the earth to turn to the effect of the dark earth that I created to bring out the meaning of harmful towards our earth. Last but not least I used out tagline “Go Green is not for us, is for our next Generation!” to alert the new generation that saving the environment is for them and not for us.


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