Progress Report 1 (Mascot Creation)

Resize Cup1                            Resizing Leaves1

First, a picture of a cup is taken and resized.

Resizing Leaves1 Resizing Leaves6

Then, picture of leaves are taken, cropped, cleaned (using Spot Healing Brush Tool mostly and also Stamp Clone for the areas that are close to the corners of the leaves) and resized.

Resizing Leaves9                                Resizing Leaves13

Once the images had been resized, a new blank document is created, whereby the two previous images (the leaves and the cup) are placed together as layers.

Resizing Leaves16                                  Resizing Leaves17

Then, the image of the cup is cleaned (using Spot Healing Brush Tool alone) and the images arranged, placing the leaves on top of the cup. As can be seen in the picture on the left, the picture of the leaves are seen to be in a white box. To make that box transparent so that only the leaves are seen, the layer style’s blending option is edited.

Resizing Leaves20                                   Resizing Leaves22

Then, the cup is coloured in a shade of blue using the Paint Bucket Tool and dirt is painted on the brim of the cup (where the leaves are also connected) using a brush.

Resizing Leaves24                                     Resizing Leaves26

Finally, cracks are are drawn on the cup using a Pencil Tool and the text ‘3R’, coloured in light green, is placed at the bottom of the cup. The text is warped to make sure that the shape of the text fits the shape of the bottom of the cup.

CaptureThis is the finalized product of the mascot, after going through several slight modifications such as the cracks and the dirt.

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