Progressive Report 2

Next for my second progressive report, i chose to design the bunting. The measurement of the bunting is 187.5 cm in height and 75 cm in width.

11062999_841398152593980_131063760_nFigure 1.0:Former design of bunting

For this design, i really wanted to make it more different compared to the what we learnt during the lab lessons. So i make my own research on google and learnt to use the dispersion effect on Photoshop.

I chose a proper picture of the earth and imported into the stage on Photoshop. I used the quick selection tool to extort the earth and then used ‘refine edge’ to make the edge smooth and not stand out too much.

Screenshot (454)Figure 1.1:Earth imported from the internet.

Screenshot (455)Figure 1.2:The earth extorted using quick selection tool.

Screenshot (456)Figure 1.3:The earth’s edges smoothened using the refine edges option.

Then i imported a smokey background picture to show that the earth is fading away.




Screenshot (457)Figure 1.4:The inclusion of a smokey background.

I made a layer via copy as in a new layer which isolates the earth alone and deleted the background of the earth and replaced it with the smokey background picture. I later duplicated the new layer. The control key can be used to click both the layers of earth to allign both together on the canvas.

Screenshot (458)Figure 1.5:Duplication of the existing earth layer.

Screenshot (459)Figure 1.6:Aligning both layers.

I selected the first layer when used the liquify filter options and another panel opens up. I used the forward warp tool to expand the edges of my photo/earth. The amount expanded will result in the amount of the picture that is dispersed.

Screenshot (460)Figure 1.7:Usage of the forward warp tool to expand edges of the earth.

I added a layer of mask to hide the other layer of earth. I filled the mask in black color. Later i added a mask to the other layer too and added it with white color. The black color used in the first mask to hide parts of the second photo and the white color of the second layer(which has the black mask) to make parts of the first photo stand out. I selected the white mask and used the brush tool to disperse the photo. I used a template brush design that could closely relate to dispersion.

Screenshot (462)Figure 1.8:Earth after dispersion effect added.


All i needed after the hard parts of making the earth fade was to add the sad face expressions and the quote. I chose to go with the former design in the proposal but it didn’t fit in well. On another note, i designed this poster with a difference to the proposed design with the addition off the fading effect and a different quote for a better appearance.



Screenshot (463)Figure 1.9:Earth before adding facial expressions.

Screenshot (464)Figure 2.0:Earth after adding facial expression from proposed designs.

I tried other sad facial expressions but it didn’t look good on the earth image of the bunting.

Screenshot (466) Figure 2.1:Failure of adding a different set of expressions.

In the end i chose a emoticon that had the drawing made out of a chalk style. This fit rather well so i used the quick selection tool and extracted the facial expressions alone.

Screenshot (468)Figure 2.2:Final choice of expressions to add.

The i added the quote “Make the change before it all fades away”.




Screenshot (469)  Figure 2.3:Earth after adding expressions and quote.

Screenshot (472)Figure 2.4:A zoomed in view of the expressions.

12345Figure 2.5:The example of where the bunting will be hung


1234Figure 2.6:Final output of the bunting.



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