Visual Strategy of Design


Colors Mixing

First of all, make sure you add some colors in your design. Logicly, colorful will be more intresting rather than Black And White right ? That another key for supporting the selling of visual strategy. Use more color is good for design, but be remind, Using so much color may destroy the attention also. Sometimes just adding 2 color will be more intresting if the contrast of them is right, sometimes black and white or sephia design are more intresting in the right condition of your design, for example you made a historical telling design with black or white on the picture or sephia. Everythings need it’s balance, so balance your color using also.


Choose an Intresting Picture

Second step, Choosing a picture is the the main key. Sometime’s people will attracted for reading because of good ilustration or visual explaination that what is the poster or picture want to inform, and one another tips for picture is : “Make a picture which can generating reaction”.


Using Typography

Beside Color and Pictures,Typography is the one of art which also can attract the people attention,Typography is one of art that focusing on the words styles. With typography, there is a chance to attract the people to see it. Be remind also if you want to use the Typography, the header title must be easy to read. Don’t make the title is hard to read because of thypography that you made. People will see the title first, If the title can’t read it well, they will not attracted to read entire of the design. Make it simple but artistic.


Design the weirdest from the weirdest

For more powerful visual attraction, make a weird design maybe can help. People are more attracted with something different, not usual, or weird. This can be a weapon for visual strategy designer to catch the attention, For example on seller advertisement typed “NOT IMPORTANT, DO NOT READ…” Trust me people will read because they think it’s weird, or something like this, job help wanted advertisement typing it’s announcement in newspaper with upside down way, and then people realize the text is not usual then try to flip the newspaper and read. This method are already often used by newspaper and magazine designer. Trust me… It works…


Make a less word-picture domination for the message delivery

Last of mine, make your design less words and make your pictures explain your mean of the design. Have you ever see a busy man or people in rush stop for a while and then take their attention to see some advertisement on poster or banner ? How can they stop and forget their rush for a while ? Because they intrested in picture illustration poster which have less word to read and picture dominating that make them understand easily what the message from the poster without much word. Some people think so much words on the design will decrease the intention of the people to understand what is the message of the design.



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