Tips for Visual Strategy

Tips for Visual Strategy

Tips for visual strategy


  1. Write a Story with Words and Pictures.

Combination of words and pictures in a story that will keep the interest of the reader to continue reading the story. To explain the story in more detail usually the words bigger to strike the attention from the reader.


  1. Go Beyond The Logo.

Creating a logo in a different way, with your own way combining the logo with your product to make it more interesting.


  1. Seed the User Journey.

A step by step reading guided with an arrow to keep the reader continue reading and follow the point to read the information and more fun to read in that point.


  1. Optimize Your Visual Content.

Add on titles, description and tags for easier search purpose on the internet search engine. Without optimizing the visual content the internet search engine could not know what we are looking for in the image without the tags or description added.


  1. Control the Eye on the Page.

Controls the reader eye to start reading and ending the reading point. 2 examples of eye tracking which is the F-Pattern and Z-Pattern both has the same function of guiding the reader in many way to read the article.

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  1. ftleow says:

    1. citation is needed in the paragraph and more reference are needed
    2. Should use 3rd person writing style, but not ‘me’, ‘i’, ‘we’
    3. Good infographic design but need to enhance the image quality
    4. Good to reflect your opinion and design plan

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