Individual Reflection

I really like this project and the design process, because in this project I learned a lot of new design experience and knowledge, especially in animation. In this project, I feel very interesting and creative, because in other subject i just can read, understand and memorize textbooks it is very boring. Interaction between our groups is very good; we are free to release time to do this project together, because we have the same timetable. When we do not know how to operate editing tool or create a design, we would have been looking at the video again and again to learn how to use tools. An issue facing our team is time management. Because we need to complete the other subjects of the project is too much, cannot complete all the projects at the same time, it is very difficult problem is time management. So we have been in the early to assigned each member needs to be responsible for their work and design, to ensure that the project can be completed on time. If performance of this group marked total is 10 marks, I will rate my performance 8 marks. This project and other subjects are different, because the software and tools used and other subjects environmental requirements are not the same. If you ask me will like in all the other course of this type of learning? My answer is yes. Because this type of learning can make me easy to learn and to understand, improve our technical skills, and be able to learn new skills and knowledge, and so on. Cooperation with other people is very important, because we can collect some ideas and with other people comments, it can improve our work and design.

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