Progress Report 1

Progress 1

The above is the background of sky and grass that I have selected to create my banner. I used the spot healing tool to create a upward slight hill for the trees to stand to look more noticeable when we look into the picture. Then I used the spot healing tool to readjust the part of the upward small hill that I create makes it look like they both are far apart. After that I inserted few trees on the small hill that I have created to fill up the spot of the hill and continue to create the bottom image output.


Progress 2


In this part I have combined earth and the lightbulb metal part and place it on top right of the banner to show that the earth is floating in the sky together with us where we controlling earth. After that I lowered the hue and saturation of the earth globe to lower to make the color look dimmer and it looks like the earth is going bad realistic the actual cause of what human did to the earth.


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