progress report 1

mascot 2d

This is our mascot the idea is come from the Isaac he has text the mascot use some recycle item to be design it like the head actually is the paper bag.  The body is the tin and the hand is  the bottle. The leg is using the glass bottle. I was using the flash to draw the picture.

When, I done the design of mascot I export the character to a file and using the photoshop to color the mascot.  First, I have using the brown color for his head.


The body is the red and the light grey. Then i has make the joint of the mascot is the dark grey.


After this  I  also have color the bottle with prastic and the leg is using the glass bottle.



Final part of the mascot I  also use the very light grey to be the palm and the feet colour becausme in my opinion the palm and the feet is using the aluminum.

mascot 2d

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