Progress report 1


This is the original background i used for this poster. This background was picked for online resources. I choose the dark blue color to develop the posterĀ  for recycling project.

Capture1 mmd

I was use the crop tool to crop the 4 angles to make the background look good and perfect.The crop tool was help me to crop the extra unwanted pieces around the poster. After crop the poster background, it looked better to use for poster background.


Capture2.2 mmd

The background color was very darker. The poster background have be brighter to present the message clearly.I was change the color balance and use the brightness for make the poster more brighter and attractive. The poster background is better than before.


The pictures was taken from the online sources. I use crop tool to crop the image to add in poster background.






I use the images to paste in poster and i used text format to add the benefits and effect of pollution to poster. The message was simple and clear.


This is pictures i used for poster.This poster images taken from the online resources.This picture represent the direct message of 3R.

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