Before editing, first I resize the canvas size to heigtht:1000 and width:500. Then I added the background and adjust the size of the background to fit in the canvas.


Before placing the logo on the top right corner of the banner, I adjust the blending the options of the image. I changed the opacity of the logo to 50 and increase the underlying layer so that the white background of the logo will disappear and now the logo will blend in with the background colour.


After that, I added the 3R logo and placed it in the middle of my design.


To remove the white background of the 3R image, I adjusted the blending options of the image.


The white background is now removed.



In this banner, I am going to use less text and more pictures to explain the concept of 3R. it is because this banner will be placed at the road side and drivers would not have much time to read unless there is a traffic. Applying the principles that I have learned from the previous assignment, using pictures can also give an impact to people but too many pictures can also cause an eye sore. The text used will be bigger and darker in colour to enable easier reading.



I also added our mascot in the middle of the 3R logo and reduce its opacity.

The final look of the banner :-




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