Progress 1

Progress for Bookmark- Lee Chee Mun


This is the original image of the bookmark before designing.



in here, i edit and attach a green earth into the front page of the bookmark. In the middle of the bookmark which i need focus to separate it into half.


by this step,i include a dotted line in the front and the back of the bookmark itself because i design this bookmark which can be tear into two part(one half for own and the other half for others) other than that,actually im designing  two pair of hand which i color it with pink and blue which represent the male and female hand.


after i desinging and attaching all the image i created, i design a light bulb which inside the filament i design it to be a leaf(similar to a leaf pattern) this leaf is to represent the nature and related to our project scope.


after that, i create a text all around the bookmark which represent “save energy” words in the left and right side and above. Both side of the image will be the same because when we use the bookmark it can be tear into half as i mention earlier (dotted line in the bookmark).


This will be the final output that i created and designed, which is the complete of a bookmark with a clipper at the back of the bookmark.


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