Reflective Report

In this project I totally feel exciting and knowledgeable because in this subject I learned how to create an awesome animation and design. Through this subject I open my eyes wider because all of this software and tools I didn’t see and use before in my life time. When at the end I finish up my project I feel good and relax and feel consolation. For the interaction between our group is quite good but sometime we will have some conflict when having some discussion among our group member because sometimes the idea that we bring out are not the same. Actually in our group, what we faced will be the time management. Actually to finish up this group project in the specific time will be absolutely difficult, because at the same time we need to complete our other subject project too and this will really lack of time. Even we start the project earlier too. That’s why we try to divides all the task to all of the group member so later on we will able to complete the group project and also for the others projects too. My performance in this group project is quite good but not perfect. I can fully done my own task as we divided earlier. This subjects totally bring me more to the side of the real world which I never been exposed too because in this project, all the software and tools that been used is totally different for other subject. I strongly agree to prefer this type of learning in the other subject because by this I able to learn and improve my skill and also learn new skills by my own, it’s quite challenging. It is very important to collaborate with others because we need to understand each other and know how to deal with others, motivate and help each other to complete the tasks given in the project.

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