Progress Report 1

I was handed the responsibility of creating a well designed and creative wallpaper that will represent our groups desire to show the importance of the 3Rs which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. the wallpaper will have a a very simple design clearly showing the 3Rs in a symmetric way. With 3 circles each representing one R and containing something relevant to it. the background will include a creative image which will also involve the main topic of the wallpaper.

To start off, I made three circles using the shape tool as shown below with the background colour of green.



Then i started off with the first R which was the bottom left one. it was going to Recycle. the Circle would have a dustbin which is used for collecting recyclable garbage.



The second R to do is Reuse. To show reuse, i decided to go with a shopping bag because supermarkets often remind us to use again the bags in order to prevent environmental damage by using the polythene paper bags every time and then throwing them away.



The last R is Reduce and one of the the most efficient ways to reduce pollution is by using bicycle form of transportation. I combined that with the wallpaper to produce this.



Then the final bit is to change the background to make it more appealing. I thought of the use of an image would be great. So the final poster ,although plain looks like this.




this location will be very suitable for my wallpaper.


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