In this progress report is to show our team mascot design. I mainly use Adobe Flash CS5 to draw our team mascot, as well as using the Adobe Photoshop CS5 is to help replicate some part of the photo will be transferred to this Adobe Flash CS5.


First, I open Adobe Flash CS5 and click new in menu bar to chose “ActionScript 3.0”, then start my mascot design. I chose “Oval Tool” in Tool list, adjust line size stroke, chose colour and start to create mascot head. Next I create new layer and using same “Oval Tool” and format to create mascot body.

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In this, i use line tool to draw the mask of the mascot and then i use the shape to create an eyes for it. Besides, I also use the pen tool to draw the hand and leg of mascot. Finally i choose green color to match up with the theme of our project.


Finally, along the body of mascot, i created and design a sign ( no electricity) that related to our theme. I using Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create electricity picture and insert to Adobe Flash CS5. This is to show that, do not over use the electricity and save energy.



Finally mascot output…..


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