This progress report is using Adobe Photoshop design a poster to promote energy saving purposes. This design can be simply to get attention, and to pass on information to the audience to let them know that power of consciousness.

First, I open Adobe’s Photoshop CS5 and select the new A4 size paper to design a poster. Then I edited the paper background colour is black, because my plan background is black.


Then I search for photos ice cream cone on the network, then i use ice cream cone picture to insert in my poster design. After insert picture, I use the “Quick Selection Tool” to delete the background of the photo. Also I use “Switch between free Transform and warp modes” to change ice cream cone shape.


Then I want ice cream cone make it dark fit together with background colour, I chose “Adjustment” to adjust Brightness and Exposure


I create a light shadow to adjust size and shape mode, then put at the top. Also in the network to find the bulb picture and insert in my poster design. After finish insert bulb picture, then I using “Quick Selection Tool” to delete the background of the bulb photo, rotation bulb and put at the top.

67 8

Also I searching internet to find earth picture and insert in my poster design, then I put the earth on top of the ice cream cone that looks like ice cream. I use the “Smudge Tool” to pull down on earth picture, let the earth looks like melted.

9 10

When I finished the design let the earth melted, and then I want the bulb strengthened lighting. I select adjustment and choose “Brightness” to adjust bulb lighting stronger.

11 12

In finally, I add some text and I use different font family of “SAVE” text, so that people get attention in “SAVE” word, and I add our group logo at below.

poster ice-cream70


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