Based on what I have learned from my Assignment 1( key principles in graphic design), I have applied some of the tips here in my design. First I chose my background that I wanted to use for my walkway design. I chose a background with a green gradient. Choosing a background colour is very important because a proper usage of colour can attract people.


Then, I started off with inserting text at the top and bottom of the design. I increased the font size to 36 and chose a formal font style so that it can enable easier reading. I chose a green colour for the font so that it will blend in with the background colour.



To crop the picture of the earth I used the quick selection tool, select inverse and add layer mask.


This is the look of the design after cropping the picture of the earth.


To move the earth to the left side of the design I used the move tool and use the free transform to resize the size of the earth.

This walkway design will be place on the polls on the bridge in INTI. So this design should not be too compact with information, so that when students passing by it is easier for them to read and can immediately catch their attention.

I put reduce, reuse and recycle words near the mouth of the earth so that it looks like the earth is coughing those words out.


This is the final look of the walkway design.


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