D.Danesh : Progress Report 3

T-Shirt Design

In this part I am designing the front of the t-shirt. Here the character mascot will have a small speech bubble that tells the reader to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. The design of the front will be simple and sized and positioned appropriately to allow for creases and tuck-ins.

I imported the same character, Sapling I created. I added a elliptical shadow to give an effect of the character standing and an area of space. A custom shape is added for the speech bubble and a text “SAVE OUR FUTURE REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE” is written in Impact font in green colour. The speech bubble is has a white background colour so that it stands out from the rest of the t-shirt. The speech bubble is also positioned high so that it will not be hidden when the person wearing it sits down behind a table or crosses his or her arms.


The front of t-shirt design:



The front of the t-shirt design relative to the rest of the t-shirt:




The same design can also be incorporated into the classroom’s walls. Student’s at INTI will be able to see the mascot saying “Save our future, Reuse Reduce Recycle”



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