Progress Report 1

For my task which was entrusted to me by y group members are to create a poster relating 3R’s which is recycle ,reuse and reduce , with that i decided on a location which i think that male students would actually take time and read , and the location that was strategically selected was the men’s urinal area , and why i choose it because as a guy it would be something different rather than just looking at the wall ,So the idea of designing the poster was started . For starters i drew a sketch of what i want the person using the urinal to look at in front of him which would direct him to look up , so i used the words “LOOK” and a hand gesture to resemble the word up and the whole point of that was to attract the user attention rather than just using words .


Before starting on photoshop the design was initially drawn to get a rough idea on what i want to have in my poster


This is the lettering that would be pasted at the urinal and it actually say “LOOK UP”



This will be pasted at the urinal and the reason for having a white background is so that the person who is reading it will not be distracted , the reason why is the index finger is red because it is to emphasize the person who is reading it to look up or the direction of the finger .

The top of the ceiling of the men’s washroom i planned to put a simple character that shows the 3R’s and i choose not to elaborate much because of the time constrain , which i have to take into account as well because it doesn’t take much time for a guy to use the urinal .


the reason why i use the image of a person holding earth  because it resembles the meaning that it’s in  our hands and it’s our responsibility  to take care of it who will then .






The colour green is used to get the reader’s attention as it stands out , since the time frame is not much i decided to use the 3R’s itself to show how can we save the earth which is in our responsibility, and to add a little humour to it i added the line saying “do the right thing bro!!” i use the word bro cause only guys are using it and lighten the mood


washroom wallpaper

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