Progress Report 1- Group 13 Darren Choo

We were require to come out with few design per person. According to my group design distribution, my have to come out with the following design:

1. Three Stickers

2. Tabletop

3. Two Bunting


We planned to use the stickers to stick on mirror at the washing basin that at restaurant to spread the information and awareness to the customer that pass by or using it.

sticker 1a

The sticker need a transparent background to make sure it wont block the customer to look at the mirror, then i put a water drop as a background.
sticker 2a

Then, create awareness about the water that the water can be REUSE and do not waste water.

sticker 1b

Another sticker design is about to tell customer that REDUCE the use of water because the water resources is limited.

sticker 3


Lastly is to tell customer to support 3Rs that can save our environment and ourselves. The background is green because i planned to use a light green sticker paper that can attract attention although it will block the vision of mirror.


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