Progressive Report 1

After splitting all the tasks equally. One of the poster that i was given was the one that we decided to do in the form of a checklist to be put on the back of the toilet door.

10956678_841398179260644_419394767_nFigure 1.0:Drawing of poster in proposal

I created a new file based on the measurement of the poster that we decided to stick with which was 75cm in height and 45cm in width. Based on my knowledge from the topic that i chose from the assignment 1, which was the tips on visual strategy; i knew the proper way into making a visual content that’ll attract the attention of many. I didn’t need that much input in creating this poster because i decided to show the solar system. Therefore my poster will include the sun, mercury and venus. Therefore when in comes to colors, the colors of the planets are already determined and the background is in black color.

Screenshot (445)Figure 1.1:White background

Screenshot (446)Figure 1.2:Black background

After that i downloaded the images of the planets from Google and used the quick selection tool from Photoshop to cut the images of the planets and include into my poster.

Screenshot (447)Figure 1.3:Picture of Earth.

Screenshot (448)Figure 1.4:Picture of earth and the sun.

Screenshot (449)Figure 1.5:Picture of 3 planets.

Screenshot (450)Figure 1.6:Picture of 4 planets.


After that, i decided to add a little bit more to the poster before including the words into the poster. I decided to make the earth look like it was split apart. So i used the quick selection tool and selected half the earth and made it a bit distant from the other half. This was to amplify the concept of destroying mother earth.

Screenshot (451)Figure 1.7: Earth is split in the center.


Next i added the words into my poster. The concept of catching the attention of the readers are taken care of for this poster. This is because this poster is meant to be situated inside the toilet stall. So when students or staff are occupying the stall, their attention will be faced towards the door or their phones. This concept of advertisement is also used by others in Nilai like car rental services.

I highlighted and increased the size of the title to attract the attention of the reader, then provide the list of activities that harm the planet in a normal font; lastly i added the words asking the user about their experience regarding the activities. To make the poster more attractive, i made the final wordings in 3D to stand out. Typically most wouldn’t take this poster very seriously when it is situated in other locations. However since it is located in a place that has the least entertainment, it is bound to grab the attention as well as give a little time for the readers to reflect on the message conveyed via the poster. This poster is meant to have many words on it, we couldn’t simply place it in any other location around Inti because it requires a little time for readers to go through it. We have come to an era whereby advertisements and PSA in the form of hard copy isn’t affective, only those shared on social networking spaces. Which is why we had to make sure to choose a location that will most definitely grab attention and well as occupy the readers free time.

Screenshot (452)Figure 1.8:Completed poster

doorFigure 1.9:The back of the toilet door of where the poster will be placed.


Untitled-1Figure 2.0:Final result of the poster.

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