Progress Report 2

The objective of this progress report 2, is to design a walkway design which will be placed at Bridge area in Inti.

Firstly, 3R theme logo was created, and “use”,”duce” & “cycle” comes in three different colour, which is from light green to dark green.

3R Walkway Logo

Figure 2.1

Then, the new background was created in a rectangle shape to matching the size of the pillar. The 3R theme logo was imported.


Figure 2.2

After that, the word “Restore” and line was created.


Figure 2.3

Follow by that, light bulb and a quote was created. I have make some changes such as adjusting the font size, image size, position, adding a background picture and blue colour was selected as the background colour.


Figure 2.4

I using the design above as a template, by changing the quote, background colour, font colour, and the image beside to create another two design.


Figure 2.5

During the design process, viewing distance are considered. In order to improve the readability, all the font size has been enlarged, the font colour using dark colour and background colour using light colour.

Here are the final product design of Walkway design and it comes out with three different design.


Figure 2.6


Figure 2.7


Figure 2.8






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