Progress Report 1 : Mascot Design

Kavish Punchoo


In this progress report, I will be showing and describing the process of making the mascot of our team in order to set our team and brand identity. The mascot design idea has to be based on the theme of the project which is the 3Rs, thus, the protection of the environment. From this starting point, the design of a leaf-based mascot idea has been considered. Several characters based on this theme were drafted and the best and friendliest looking idea was kept and developed furthermore.

The mascot was designed and drawn in Adobe Illustrator as the program supports vector graphics which is fundamental for image scaling purposes. Besides, the drawing features in Adobe Illustrator such as line smoothing makes drawing simpler and faster compared to Adobe Photoshop which is pixel based.





In a background layer, the sketch of the draft has been drawn in Adobe Illustrator. The brush’s opacity was set to 20% and the shape of the mascot was made.



After the trace has been completed, on a new layer, the final shape and outline of the mascot is made. The previous sketch is used to help with the drawing.



On different layers, various features of the mascot such as the eyes, mouth, top leaves and so on are drawn.



This is the finished outline and shape of the mascot which is as expected.



The paint bucket fill tool is then used to add colour to the drawing. The primary colour theme of the mascot is green. Various nuances of green is being used for the mascot.  The image above is the finished coloured drawing of the mascot.




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